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Motorcycle Insurance in Georgia

Georgia is one of several states in the U.S. that require all residents to wear a DOT-approved helmet while a motorcycle is in motion. Motorcycle owners who live in the Cumming, GA area can turn to the agents of Wichalonis Insurance Agency for all of their insurance needs. Finding the right policy is important, especially if you want to protect yourself and others with the right amount of personal injury and liability coverage.

The Georgia Helmet Law

The state of Georgia passed a helmet law that requires all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet while riding. Each helmet must meet or exceeds the standards of the Department of Transportation and have a stamp or sticker on the back/center of the helmet. Studies have proven that helmet usage can and does save lives. There are stiff fines and penalties for riders who choose not to wear a helmet. The law also applies to riders who are passing through from other states.

Always Be Aware!

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, it is up to you to always be aware of your surroundings. Not everyone on the road looks carefully enough to be able to spot a motorcycle, especially on highways where everyone is traveling at a high rate of speed. It's up to you to always know what is going on around you. Obey the speed limit and have respect for other drivers. By being mindful of who and what is around you, it will be much easier to prevent possible accidents.

Georgia motorcycle owners can rely on the agents of Wichalonis Insurance Agency to provide them with the best possible policy to meet their needs. The agents can also provide Cumming, GA residents with the information they need to ride safely and legally. Call and schedule an appointment with an agent today to have your policy reviewed by a reputable agent.

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