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RV Insurance in Georgia

Although there are some similarities between regular auto insurance and RV insurance, many RV owners are not aware of the differences. Making sure that your RV is sufficiently covered by Wichalonis Insurance Agency serving Cumming, GA, is essential to protecting your investment.

What Qualifies as an RV in Georgia?

RVs, which stand for recreational vehicles, can include a number of different types of vehicles, although often people think of motor homes and campers when they hear the term RV. RVs can also include all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, boats, jet skis, other types of watercraft and in some cases motorcycles.

Why Do RVs Need Different Insurance?

RVs need specialized insurance because RVs are used in ways that a regular vehicle would never be used. This is especially true of ATVs and watercraft. These types of vehicles are placed at special risks because of the environments in which they are used.

What is Limited Use Insurance?

Because RVs are sometimes used only during limited times during the years, many insurance policies will allow for limited use coverage. This means that you can get a reduced cost for this insurance because you will not be using the RV all year long.

Motor Homes and Campers

If motorhomes and campers are being used in a residential capacity, it is important to note that special insurance is required for this. Using an RV as a residence posing a special set of risks. You will want to make sure you are covered in the event that something happens to the RV. Your personal belongings can be covered as well if your motor home or camper is used as a residence.

Why is RV Insurance Important?

RV insurance is important because it will protect your investment in the vehicle as well as protect you against liability should someone be injured because of the vehicle.

If you would like to learn more about RV insurance in Georgia, please contact our friendly staff at Wichalonis Insurance Agency serving Cumming, GA and surrounding areas.

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