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Umbrella Insurance in Georgia

An umbrella policy in Georgia is an often-overlooked policy. However, when something that could cause a financial disaster happens, it can be the best line of defense. If you are involved in a tragic car accident or someone gets injured on your property and you are sued, you must pay for the cost of legal defenses and any judgments. These costs can quickly add up if injuries are severe or death is involved. Your auto and home insurance policies would be the first line of defense in these cases, but your financial responsibility can easily exceed these limits. Once you reach your limits on these policies, umbrella insurance will kick in and provide you with an additional layer of coverage. Umbrella insurance not only relates to car accidents and injuries on your property, but can also relate to accidents involving an ATV, boat, or another recreation vehicle, golf course injuries, and personal injury coverage for claims of slander and libel.

What You Should Know about an Umbrella Policy in Georgia

There isn’t a required coverage amount for umbrella insurance since this type of insurance isn’t required. An agent at Wichalonis Insurance Agency can help you find the right coverage limits for your needs. Many people will choose to have a $1 million policy, but it can also depend on the number of assets you have that could be up for grabs in the event of a lawsuit. You may think that the auto and home insurance that you already have is enough and you don’t need this added layer of protection, or you could increase the limits on those policies. It may be cheaper for you to get an umbrella policy in Cumming, GA, instead of raising the limits on those primary policies. The added coverage of personal injury claims, such as slander, is also a nice benefit that isn’t covered by home or auto insurance.

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