What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

When it comes to having an extra layer of protection and security on top of the regular insurance policies you may already have, umbrella insurance is the way to go. This type of insurance covers the policyholder and the policyholder’s family members and people living in their household. You can utilize this type of extra coverage along with your auto insurance policy, boat insurance policy, in even your commercial business insurance policy. The umbrella insurance agents at the Wichalonis Insurance Agency in Cumming, GA can assist you with all of your insurance needs.

If you own a home or a business, an umbrella insurance policy will cover liability claims over and beyond what your commercial business policy or homeowner’s insurance policy already covers. It can even add an extra layer of protection for rentals you may own.

For example, if you are a homeowner and someone slips and falls at your house, your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay for their injuries and possibly time off of work, however, if the person’s injuries are extensive, your umbrella insurance coverage will protect you from losing your home because it will pick up where your regular policy left off. Another example would be if you own a tree trimming business and a branch falls on a passerby. Your business insurance will cover the person’s injuries but if they decide to sue you, umbrella insurance will pay the extra amount that is owed.

Basically, an umbrella insurance policy provides you with not only extra insurance coverage to go along with the policies you already have, but it provides you with a greater sense of security and better Peace of Mind. In the type of world we live in today, it is a good idea to have an umbrella insurance policy in place.

If you are interested in starting an umbrella insurance policy to protect your assets, you should contact the umbrella insurance agents at the Wichalonis Insurance Agency in Cumming, GA for a quote and get your umbrella insurance policy started today.

The Basics of Condo Insurance

Condo insurance covers repairs of damage to the interior of your condo and replacement or repair of your personal contents that have been stolen or damaged by fire or vandals. Before purchasing condo insurance it is important to first review what coverages you have available to you under your condo’s homeowner’s insurance policy (the master policy) so you do not obtain duplicate coverage.  Master policy insurance usually only covers areas like the roof, walls and floors, and central heating units as well as the common spaces such as a meeting or exercise room in your condo community. Read on to learn more about the various condo coverages available to you through Wichalonis Insurance Agency in Cumming, GA. 

Types of Condo Insurance Coverage

  • Condo Personal Liability Insurance Coverage

Personal Liability coverage covers accidental injuries to anyone visiting you in your condo when an accident is your fault. It covers medical expenses as well as any resultant legal expenses.

  • Condo Guest Medical Coverage

Condo guest medical coverage covers medical expenses for someone visiting your condo even in the case that you are not at fault.

  • Building Property Coverage

Building property coverage covers the expenses due to damage to the walls, built-in bookcases, and other fixtures (integrated appliances) within your condo.

  • Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage covers damaged or stolen personal property including clothing, furniture, appliances, and electronic devices.

This type of coverage can either reimburse the actual cash value on a depreciated basis or can reimburse the replacement cost value.

Most personal property loss policies have a maximum coverage amount as well as a deductible.


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Should I get auto insurance when I am in Georgia?

The Cumming, GA area will continue to be a great place for people to live. Those that are around here could find that there are a lot of great opportunities for success and fun. However, it may require owning a car. If you are going to get a car here, you also need proper insurance. There are several reasons that you need this coverage. 

Auto Insurance Protects Car

A reason many people in Georgia get auto insurance is that it will protect their car. Having a car is a necessity for a lot of people in this state. Without it, getting to and from work or school could be impossible. Because of this, you need to make sure that you have the capacity to repair or replace it. One great way to guarantee that you can is by getting an auto insurance policy with full coverage.

Auto Insurance is Legally Required

You should also get an auto insurance policy because you will be legally obligated to do so. When you are in the Cumming GA area, you should understand the state laws when it comes to insurance. All people that live here will be required to have liability insurance when they drive. When you get auto insurance, it will include a provision for this. 

Anyone that is in Cumming, GA, and would like to get proper insurance should call Wichalonis Insurance Agency. When you are looking to insure your vehicle in this area of the state, there are a lot of important decisions that need to be made and factors to consider. The team with Wichalonis Insurance Agency can make this process a lot easier for you. The insurance team can help you evaluate your needs and options and pick your next auto policy. 

How Does a Home Inventory Help with Filing a Home Insurance Claim?

At Wichalonis Insurance Agency, we encourage all Cumming, GA homeowners to create a home inventory to facilitate filing a claim in the event of a loss. A home inventory is an itemized list of all the items you own. If any of your goods are stolen or damaged in a covered peril, a home inventory will make it easier for you to recuperate your losses. Here’s how a home inventory can help with the claims process.

Verifies Ownership of Goods

A home inventory can verify ownership of your personal goods. It should include an itemized list of your goods along with photos (or video) and receipts of high-end items to confirm their value. You can also have appraisals done of posh jewelry or original artwork.  If you have to file a claim due to theft or damage, you’ll have verification of owning these goods. This can help expedite the claims process.

Verifies Value of Goods

By including receipts or appraisals of your high-end goods, you’ll have proof of their value to make it easier to recuperate your losses. This will ensure you get full compensation for your loss in accordance with your insurance coverage.

Helps You Keep Track of Your Possessions

Without an inventory, it can be difficult to keep track of all that you own. If your Cumming, GA home is destroyed by fire or severe storm, you could miss out on getting compensation for items you lost due to overlooking these goods when making your claim. A home inventory provides you with an accurate record of your goods so you can get fully compensated for all of your losses.

For help in making a home inventory or to purchase a home insurance policy for your Cumming, GA home, contact us at Wichalonis Insurance Agency today.

3 Tips for Purchasing Auto Insurance in Cumming, GA

Getting around in Cumming, GA requires a car, and to have a car registered, you need auto insurance. If this seems like a daunting task, rest assured that auto insurance is affordable and easy to obtain. To help you get started, follow these three simple tips outlined by Wichalonis Insurance Agency.

1. Bundle Your Insurance Policies

Do you have auto? home? life? RV insurance? If so, save money when you purchase auto insurance by bundling this new policy with all your others under one insurance carrier. This will save money on your premiums and make buying auto insurance even more affordable.

2. Compare Quotes

It’s always a good idea to compare several insurance quotes. The recommendation is three to five to really understand what is out there and at what cost. If you’re a visual person, write everything down and then do a pros and cons list. Also, work with a reputable agent to have your questions answered in real-time.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

We also recommend working with a reputable agent because these industry leaders take the hassle out of searching for the perfect auto insurance policy. They are available to answer all your questions and concerns, compare quotes, find the right carrier, and bundle policies.

Ready to purchase a new auto policy, renew an existing one, or upgrade? The team at Wichalonis Insurance Agency are here to help. Simply give us a call to be connected to a reputable insurance agent and start comparing quotes today. Your agent will ask you a few questions to find out what you need and then go over each quote with you in fine detail. Call today!

Protect Your Cumming GA Business this Winter

Winter will be here before we know it, and making sure that your Cumming, GA area business is protected will help you weather any storms that may come our way. The team here at Wichalonis Insurance Agency

Make Sure Your Business is Ready for Winter!

Winter in our area can be filled with some unpredictable weather! There’s no question that having the right insurance protection in place can make your life go a lot more smoothly, no matter what Mother Nature has in store for us. If there is a covered event that creates an unwanted impact on your company, having the right insurance can help make the situation a lot less stressful. 

There are a number of different steps that we can take to winterize our business locations, such as trimming back any branches that could cause damage, making sure that our pipes and water systems are in good shape, and reviewing our commercial policies to ensure that we have the appropriate level of protection. Without adequate insurance, whether it’s an incorrect policy coverage level, or a gap in protection, an already stressful situation can become a lot worse. Fortunately, with local agents who understand the ups and downs of our winter weather, it’s a straightforward process to acquire the appropriate coverage. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that you need different coverage or a higher level of protection, review your policy today!

Count on Wichalonis Insurance Agency to protect your Cumming, GA area business this winter. Now is the perfect time of year to make sure that your commercial policy has the protection you need. If it’s time for a policy review for your business, or you want to review your coverage portfolio, contact us today and schedule a consultation!

3 Tips to Protect Your Home While You Are on Vacation

Residents who live in Cumming, GA and many of the nearby communities rely on the insurance agents of Wichalonis Insurance Agency for valuable tips and tricks on how to keep their homes secure all year long. Leaving your home to go on vacation can make it vulnerable to intruders unless you know ways to hide the fact that you aren’t home. The following tips will help you give the impression that someone is home.

Stop Mail/Paper Delivery

One of the biggest attention getters for burglars is papers laying on the porch or mail collecting in the mailbox. Stopping your service is the best way to prevent that from happening. If you don’t want to stop your delivery service, have your neighbor or a family member collect your mail/paper for you.

Set Timers for Your Lights and Home Security System

If you have a home security system, set timers so that your lights will go on and off according to your normal schedule. This can also be accomplished without a home security system. All you have to do is purchase timers that can be used on individual lights and set to the appropriate time.

Have a Friend or Family Member Housesit While You’re Away

You can also ask a friend or family member to stay at your while you’re away. Your house will remain occupied and well cared for while you’re away.

At Wichalonis Insurance Agency, residents of Cumming, GA can talk to a reputable agent and find the answers they need when it comes to keeping their home secured and protected while they are away. Visit the office today and let one of the agents help you find ways to keep your home safe!

Georgia Auto Insurance Requirements

Each state requires auto insurance for vehicles and vehicle owners on its roads. Residents of Georgia must adhere to its minimum requirements to legally drive on the state’s road and to register their vehicle. At Wichalonis Insurance Agency serving Cumming, GA, we want you to understand the minimum requirements of our state and how we can help you fulfill them plus how adding other auto insurance types can help you better protect your finances.

In Georgia, the individual at fault for an accident must compensate those injured or whose personal property was damaged in a vehicular accident. Each driver must carry appropriate insurance to cover the compensation of their potential fault.

The state requires each driver to carry insurance for liability and property damage. The minimum required insurance includes:
–   Bodily injury/death coverage of $25,000 per person, 
–   Bodily injury/death coverage of $50,000 per accident, 
–   Property damage coverage of $25,000 per accident.

The reason you have two components to the bodily injury and death coverage is that more than one person may be injured in a single accident. The policy pays up to $25,000 per person, but it maxes out at $50,000 per accident. That means the insurance company only pays for $50,000 of medical costs and funeral costs even if your accident incurred $100,000 of medical bills for the others involved. If they take you to court, you need to pay the other $50,000 plus attorney fees and court costs if the court makes a judgment against you.

The insurance you carry, if you only carry the minimums required in Georgia, does not cover your injuries. Those come out of your pocket unless you add coverage. You would need personal injury protection (PIP) to cover your own medical costs. You would need collision coverage to compensate yourself for repairing or replacing your vehicle.

Contact Wichalonis Insurance Agency serving Cumming, GA for help obtaining the auto coverage you need to protect your automobile and yourself. Let us help insure you today.

Is Commercial Insurance Legally Required?

In Cumming, GA, there are no reasonable circumstances where you are going to be legally required to carry commercial insurance. In the US, we still have, more or less, a free market at work. As long as you are licensed wherever you need to be licensed and registered wherever you need to be registered, you are allowed to ply your trade in most fields.

But, that doesn’t mean that nobody can tell you to get insurance, just that the law can’t. Business partners can insist that you carry insurance, and so can lenders, guilds, unions, customers, licensing boards, clients, and anyone else you do business with. The free market goes both ways: In most fields, you are free to go without insurance, and everyone else is free to refuse to do business with someone who does not carry insurance.

For most businesses, the only time you will be legally required to carry commercial insurance is in the case of commercial vehicles. Your personal auto insurance provider may be able to provide some basic protection for business use. Still, if you are using your car as a regular business vehicle, you can’t expect every claim to be approved.

If you are looking to get your Cumming, GA business covered, get in touch with us at Wichalonis Insurance Agency. You can call us, visit our website, or drop by the Wichalonis Insurance Agency offices to talk about getting protected. Whether you’re looking for basic liability or something more substantial, it is vital to protect your business, and we can compare several quotes from different providers to get you a good deal on an excellent commercial insurance policy.

Four basic boat safety tips every boater should know

Boating is a fun all-year-round activity for both family and friends. The weather in Cumming, GA is perfect for some good time in the waterways. However, no matter how experienced you are, it is imperative to learn boating safety rules before entering into a water adventure.

 At Wichalonis Insurance Agency, we recommend buying boat insurance to help protect you from damage, loss, or injuries that may result after an accident. Here are four essential safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Never forget to carry your safety gear: Boating requires some form of preparation. Before setting out, make sure you bring the safety kit for you and other boat users. A first aid kit, life jacket flashlight, duct tape, ropes whistle, and fire extinguishers are some of the things that should not miss on your list.
  • Always check the weather: Many people prefer boating during warm sunny days, but you cannot underestimate the weather. Currents and strong winds may signal a storm. Look for warnings and exit the water as soon as possible.
  • Have your boat checked: Before you even start loading your boat, make sure you have thoroughly examined it from the interior to the exterior. Watch out for faults that could leak water into the boat. Keep a close eye on gas as it can be disastrous if ignored.
  • Avoid overloading the boat: You should never overload your boat for obvious reasons. Each boat comes with capacity restriction. Overloading only puts your life and other passengers in the boat at risk.

Lastly, exercise common sense in water. There are things that no one will teach you as they are basic knowledge. For example, you should never consume alcohol when operating a boat.

If you need more information on safety tips, feel free to visit us at Wichalonis Insurance Agency in Cumming, GA, and we will be happy to help.