Is Commercial Insurance Legally Required?

In Cumming, GA, there are no reasonable circumstances where you are going to be legally required to carry commercial insurance. In the US, we still have, more or less, a free market at work. As long as you are licensed wherever you need to be licensed and registered wherever you need to be registered, you are allowed to ply your trade in most fields.

But, that doesn’t mean that nobody can tell you to get insurance, just that the law can’t. Business partners can insist that you carry insurance, and so can lenders, guilds, unions, customers, licensing boards, clients, and anyone else you do business with. The free market goes both ways: In most fields, you are free to go without insurance, and everyone else is free to refuse to do business with someone who does not carry insurance.

For most businesses, the only time you will be legally required to carry commercial insurance is in the case of commercial vehicles. Your personal auto insurance provider may be able to provide some basic protection for business use. Still, if you are using your car as a regular business vehicle, you can’t expect every claim to be approved.

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