Tips For Owning A Condo On The Beach

When you own a condo on the beach, you take on the risks of being a homeowner, a property manager, and an association member. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can follow to accommodate such specialized needs.

Know Thy Neighbor

For people who own beach condos, there is a definite sense of community. When you live in such close proximity to one another, you share common areas and walls. You may even share insurance and maintenance expenses as well. You will need to work together on daily upkeep, necessary repairs, and future desires.

It Is All About Location

Identify the type of flood zone in which your condo is located. Typically, associations will purchase flood insurance for the most common elements. However, this will not include personal property. Therefore, you will need to ensure you have coverage for your interior structure.

Insurance Coverages

Take the time to review your unit owner insurance coverage for personal property and interior structures. You will also need to become familiar with your coverage for medical payments, loss of rental income, and premises liability. The condominium master policy will explain coverages for boat slips, detached structures, decks, pools, and common areas. If you are not certain how to determine if you have the proper coverage to protect you and your condo, the experts at Wichalonis Insurance Agency of Cumming GA are here to help.

Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy will protect your assets from unexpected events or accidents for which you may be held responsible for damages. If you do not have an umbrella insurance policy, contact Wichalonis Insurance Agency of Cumming, GA for more information.

To ensure your beach condo is fully protected, contact us today. We are happy to provide answers to any questions you may have about owning a condo on the beach.