Tips for Getting Motorhome Insurance

It can be overwhelming buying motorhome insurance with so many policies on the market. You want to make sure you choose something right for you, giving you value for your money. A motorhome is a significant purchase, and you need to ensure you have covered it sufficiently. That is why experts at Wichalonis Insurance Agency take the residents of Cumming, GA, through some tips they should know when buying motorhome insurance.


The internet is an excellent resource to compare different prices and see which motorhome insurance is affordable. After you have narrowed down the list to a few, give them a call and express your needs. Ask questions like their level of cover and what is included in a policy plus the price.

Consider the Extras

You can consider adding extra coverage to your motorhome insurance policy, such as breakdown cover. Your motorhome may break down on the road and has to be taken to the repair shop to be fixed. The breakdown cover takes care of costs like transport to the repair shop, repairs, and temporary accommodation while the motorhome is being fixed.

Protect the Contents

If the contents inside your motorhome are stolen, the insurance company can help pay to replace them. However, you can also get into an accident that damages the contents inside, requiring them to be replaced or repaired. Therefore, check your policy when it comes to the maximum value of the items. Your home’s content insurance may cover the items, but to be safe, check the amount of coverage you have.

When getting motorhome insurance, do not assume anything. Instead, ask questions where you need clarification to avoid any frustrations later on. Residents of Cumming, GA, looking to protect their motorhomes can contact Wichalonis Insurance Agency for inquiries. Our agents are ready to answer your questions and assist you.