Georgia Auto Insurance Requirements

Each state requires auto insurance for vehicles and vehicle owners on its roads. Residents of Georgia must adhere to its minimum requirements to legally drive on the state’s road and to register their vehicle. At Wichalonis Insurance Agency serving Cumming, GA, we want you to understand the minimum requirements of our state and how we can help you fulfill them plus how adding other auto insurance types can help you better protect your finances.

In Georgia, the individual at fault for an accident must compensate those injured or whose personal property was damaged in a vehicular accident. Each driver must carry appropriate insurance to cover the compensation of their potential fault.

The state requires each driver to carry insurance for liability and property damage. The minimum required insurance includes:
–   Bodily injury/death coverage of $25,000 per person, 
–   Bodily injury/death coverage of $50,000 per accident, 
–   Property damage coverage of $25,000 per accident.

The reason you have two components to the bodily injury and death coverage is that more than one person may be injured in a single accident. The policy pays up to $25,000 per person, but it maxes out at $50,000 per accident. That means the insurance company only pays for $50,000 of medical costs and funeral costs even if your accident incurred $100,000 of medical bills for the others involved. If they take you to court, you need to pay the other $50,000 plus attorney fees and court costs if the court makes a judgment against you.

The insurance you carry, if you only carry the minimums required in Georgia, does not cover your injuries. Those come out of your pocket unless you add coverage. You would need personal injury protection (PIP) to cover your own medical costs. You would need collision coverage to compensate yourself for repairing or replacing your vehicle.

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