Who needs to have boat insurance in Georgia?

Those in the Cumming, GA area will find that the region of the state can be pretty warm during the summer months. Due to the warm weather and access to various lakes and waterways, owning a boat can be good. When you are looking for a boat in this region, it would be a good idea to get boat insurance. There are various situations when someone here will need a boat insurance plan. 

When Covering Boat

One situation when you will want to have a boat insurance plan is when you want to get coverage for your boat. Owning a boat can be a significant investment, and protecting this as well as you can is important. If you get a boat insurance plan, it will provide the proper coverage you need if your boat is damaged or stolen.

Those Looking to Mitigate Liability Risk

Boat owners all over Georgia also need to ensure they are mitigating their insurance risks. Even if you are an experienced and cautious boat owner, accidents can happen. If there is a boat accident, the costs to cover damages can be significant as they could include both property damage and bodily injury expenses. When adequately covered with insurance, you can offset this risk. 

Having a proper boat insurance plan in the Cumming, GA area is important. Many people that purchase a boat in this area will want to speak with the team at the Wichalonis Insurance Agency before they choose a new plan. The professionals with Wichalonis Insurance Agency understand the importance of this coverage and can offer the guidance you need to pick your policy to cover your boat. 

Overlooked Boat Insurance Facts Georgia Residents Should Think About

Wichalonis Insurance Agency offers coverage to the Cumming, GA community, as well as the surrounding areas. We take the time to consult with our clients and help them find policies that suit their individual needs. We can also evaluate your existing policies to see if any adjustments needs to be made. We want to make sure that you are protected regardless of the situation.

Overlooked Boat Insurance Facts

During warm summer days, many people enjoy heading out by the lake and spending time on their boats. Boat insurance is an asset that helps protect you while you’re on the water. You are covered if your boat collides with another object and suffers damages. Liability coverage protects you if your boat damages someone’s property or injures someone. You are also protected if your boat is stolen. While these are common facts, here is a look at some overlooked things that you may not be aware of regarding your boat insurance policy.

Navigational Limits

Your boat insurance policy will contain navigational limits that outline how far outside Cumming, GA you can operate your vehicle and still maintain coverage. This is an important thing to remember because it’s very easy to forget when you’re having a good time. However, mistakes can happen at any time, and you need to make sure that you are protected.

Custom Accessories

If you have custom accessories on your boat, consider adding extra coverage. This will ensure that your items are fully covered if they are stolen or vandalized.

Trailer Coverage

If you have a trailer on your boat, you can add coverage to protect you if your trailer is stolen or causes damage to someone’s property.

Wichalonis Insurance Agency Will Help You Protect Your Assets

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Four basic boat safety tips every boater should know

Boating is a fun all-year-round activity for both family and friends. The weather in Cumming, GA is perfect for some good time in the waterways. However, no matter how experienced you are, it is imperative to learn boating safety rules before entering into a water adventure.

 At Wichalonis Insurance Agency, we recommend buying boat insurance to help protect you from damage, loss, or injuries that may result after an accident. Here are four essential safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Never forget to carry your safety gear: Boating requires some form of preparation. Before setting out, make sure you bring the safety kit for you and other boat users. A first aid kit, life jacket flashlight, duct tape, ropes whistle, and fire extinguishers are some of the things that should not miss on your list.
  • Always check the weather: Many people prefer boating during warm sunny days, but you cannot underestimate the weather. Currents and strong winds may signal a storm. Look for warnings and exit the water as soon as possible.
  • Have your boat checked: Before you even start loading your boat, make sure you have thoroughly examined it from the interior to the exterior. Watch out for faults that could leak water into the boat. Keep a close eye on gas as it can be disastrous if ignored.
  • Avoid overloading the boat: You should never overload your boat for obvious reasons. Each boat comes with capacity restriction. Overloading only puts your life and other passengers in the boat at risk.

Lastly, exercise common sense in water. There are things that no one will teach you as they are basic knowledge. For example, you should never consume alcohol when operating a boat.

If you need more information on safety tips, feel free to visit us at Wichalonis Insurance Agency in Cumming, GA, and we will be happy to help.

What does boat insurance cover?

Your boat is a valuable asset that you worked hard to acquire. Countless hours spent in the office and the consistent discipline to purchase the necessities and forgo expensive desires have brought you to this moment. Why, then, with all the hard work it took for you to buy the boat of your dreams in Cumming, GA, would you sacrifice your financial stability by going without insurance.

There is certainly more to boat insurance than having a cushion that pays for damages to your vessel while it is docked. You also need an assurance plan that covers damages you cause while on the water. The agents at Wichalonis Insurance Agency can tell you more about boat indemnity plans. Read on to learn about what a good policy may cover.

What does boat insurance cover?

Boat insurance in Cumming, GA may cover the following:

  • Collision Damage
  • Property Damage
  • Bodily Injury
  • Non-collision Related Incidents

You may also want to consider additional coverage for roadside assistance, which finances your boat’s recovery when the vessel breaks down in the middle of the ocean. Some owners also purchase plans that cover fishing equipment as well as damages related to oil spills. It may not be a bad idea to purchase boat insurance that provides protection against uninsured motorists. Boat insurance is, after all, not legally required. The likelihood of a collision being with someone who does not have an indemnity plan is, therefore, quite high.

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Some homeowners make the mistake of believing that their boats are covered under their home insurance plans. The reality is that your vessel is only covered under your home insurance plan while sitting in your garage or driveway. Your home assurance plan does not extend to the dock or the ocean. You need a boat insurance plan that covers property damage, bodily, injury, and other factors that arise when you take a ride on the water.

The agents at Wichalonis Insurance Agency can help you find the boat assurance plan that works best for you and your budget. Call today to get covered!