Tips For Teaching a New Teen Driver in Your Family

Many families have a tradition of teaching their new teen drivers how to handle a vehicle properly. Whether you are simply getting your new teen driver used to the family car or actually taking on the role of driving instructor, Wichalonis Insurance Agency of Cumming, GA wants to share these helpful tips.

Avoid Getting Emotional

When discussing safe driving with your adolescent, be cautious not to speak in a loud or overly enthusiastic voice if you have the propensity to do so. Teens tend to shut parents out as soon as voices get louder. Try to adopt a level voice that does not seem accusatory if you have anything critical to say regarding their driving. Instead of coming off as a criticism of their driving abilities, it should sound more like an impartial observation.

Realize That They Are Nervous, Too

Behind all that bravado, your teenager has some anxiety about learning how to drive, too. Every little twitch you have or clutching the door handle makes them feel like you don’t have confidence in them. Before driving, tell your teen verbally that you have confidence that they will be a good driver. That in itself will help to quell both of your nerves.

Don’t Fight in the Car

If you’ve tried and you and your teen keep getting into an argument, it’s better to let the experts take over. A driver’s education teacher is impartial and will get the job done without arguments in the car. In addition, they can cover essential aspects like not texting, not drunk driving, and defensive driving strategies without their advice coming off as parental control.

When your teen gets their driver’s license in Cumming, GA, Wichalonis Insurance Agency is here to help. Give us a call or contact us online to have your teen added to your family auto policy!

Will commercial insurance cover the personal car I use for my business?

Many business owners use their personal cars for company affairs. As a result, determining the proper type of coverage is in order. Will your personal car insurance cover your vehicle if you use it for business, or should you invest in commercial auto insurance? These are good questions. The answer to these questions is heavily based on how you use your car for business. Our team at Wichalonis Insurance Agency is invested in helping Cumming, GA business owners find the best type of auto coverage. 

What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is designed to provide liability coverage for the vehicles used in your business. Like personal car insurance, commercial car insurance is designed to provide liability protection for accidents or damage caused by company-used vehicles. This insurance also provides personal injury coverage for anyone injured while driving or riding in vehicles owned/used by your company. 

Will Commercial Auto Insurance Cover my Personal Car if Used for Business?

If your personal car is used for business purposes, it can be covered under a commercial auto policy. Depending on what you use your vehicle for, your personal auto insurance may not cover the vehicle you use for business. There’s a risk factor that an insurance company will consider. You could be charged more or denied coverage altogether. Our team at Wichalonis Insurance Agency will gladly help Georgia business owners explore the benefits of commercial auto insurance. Simply using your car for business trips would make it eligible for business/commercial auto insurance. However, one of our agents would be happy to go into more detail. Give us a call. We’re standing by.

How Does Getting Married Affect My Auto Insurance Coverage?

As you and your spouse are bickering at the dinner table in Cumming, GA, it is hard to believe all the benefits that come from saying "I do". In addition to the lifetime of love and companionship, marriage also decreases the chances of developing dementia, cancer, and heart disease. Even more, getting married can also have a positive effect on your auto insurance coverage.

Married People Are Involved in Fewer Accidents

Statistically, married couples are not as likely as their single counterparts to be involved in an automobile accident. Several different theories surround this fact. Some believe that the reason is that married people drive less. Others think married couples are more stable and less risky.

Regardless of the reason, married drivers are involved in fewer auto accidents than single people. One study even discovered that single people who have never been married are twice as likely to be injured in an auto accident.

Because married people are less likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, they are considered by insurance companies to be less risky to insure. Therefore, the cost that they pay for their auto insurance premiums is usually less than that of a single individual. Contact the experienced agents at Wichalonis Insurance Agency to find out how much you should be paying for auto insurance.

When Not to Combine Policies

While it may seem like a no-brainer that you and your spouse should share an auto insurance policy to reap the most benefits, this is not always the case. If either of you has a poor driving record, receives a speeding ticket, gets charged with a DUI, or is involved in an accident, this will hurt your auto insurance coverage.

If you would like to learn more about the effects getting married has on your insurance coverage in Cumming, GA, contact Wichalonis Insurance Agency today.

Things You Should Ask an Insurance Agent When Choosing Auto Insurance?

When it comes to choosing an auto insurance policy, most people make the same mistake – they let the premium price of insurance drive their decisions. Do not be like them. If you are currently shopping for insurance to protect your car, the best way to make an informed decision is to talk to an insurance agent and ask them the following questions: 

What Does My Auto Insurance Cover? 

Before purchasing a particular policy, make sure to ask an agent for the details about it. Ask them to walk you through such details as property damage liability, bodily injury liability, personal injury protection, and any additional comprehensive and collision coverage included in your insurance portfolio. 

How Much Will I Have To Pay If An Accident Happens?

Ask an insurance agent to be upfront with you about how much you will have to pay if you cause a road accident. When you buy auto insurance, you choose an amount of coverage that determines how much you will pay monthly or yearly. The move coverage you have, the less you will have to pay out of pocket if you cause an accident. 

Are There Any Discounts? 

If you do not ask about discounts, you will not get them. Most insurance companies offer discounts to their clients, so do not hesitate to ask your insurance agent about them. 

Wichalonis Insurance Agency in Cumming, GA – Your Safety On the Road Is Our Priority

If you live in Cumming, GA or any other nearby area and you are looking for auto insurance, Wichalonis Insurance Agency is ready to help. Our qualified and experienced insurance agents are always ready to answer the questions listed in this article and provide you with any other information you need. Feel free to visit our website or give us a call. 

Should I get auto insurance when I am in Georgia?

The Cumming, GA area will continue to be a great place for people to live. Those that are around here could find that there are a lot of great opportunities for success and fun. However, it may require owning a car. If you are going to get a car here, you also need proper insurance. There are several reasons that you need this coverage. 

Auto Insurance Protects Car

A reason many people in Georgia get auto insurance is that it will protect their car. Having a car is a necessity for a lot of people in this state. Without it, getting to and from work or school could be impossible. Because of this, you need to make sure that you have the capacity to repair or replace it. One great way to guarantee that you can is by getting an auto insurance policy with full coverage.

Auto Insurance is Legally Required

You should also get an auto insurance policy because you will be legally obligated to do so. When you are in the Cumming GA area, you should understand the state laws when it comes to insurance. All people that live here will be required to have liability insurance when they drive. When you get auto insurance, it will include a provision for this. 

Anyone that is in Cumming, GA, and would like to get proper insurance should call Wichalonis Insurance Agency. When you are looking to insure your vehicle in this area of the state, there are a lot of important decisions that need to be made and factors to consider. The team with Wichalonis Insurance Agency can make this process a lot easier for you. The insurance team can help you evaluate your needs and options and pick your next auto policy. 

3 Tips for Purchasing Auto Insurance in Cumming, GA

Getting around in Cumming, GA requires a car, and to have a car registered, you need auto insurance. If this seems like a daunting task, rest assured that auto insurance is affordable and easy to obtain. To help you get started, follow these three simple tips outlined by Wichalonis Insurance Agency.

1. Bundle Your Insurance Policies

Do you have auto? home? life? RV insurance? If so, save money when you purchase auto insurance by bundling this new policy with all your others under one insurance carrier. This will save money on your premiums and make buying auto insurance even more affordable.

2. Compare Quotes

It’s always a good idea to compare several insurance quotes. The recommendation is three to five to really understand what is out there and at what cost. If you’re a visual person, write everything down and then do a pros and cons list. Also, work with a reputable agent to have your questions answered in real-time.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

We also recommend working with a reputable agent because these industry leaders take the hassle out of searching for the perfect auto insurance policy. They are available to answer all your questions and concerns, compare quotes, find the right carrier, and bundle policies.

Ready to purchase a new auto policy, renew an existing one, or upgrade? The team at Wichalonis Insurance Agency are here to help. Simply give us a call to be connected to a reputable insurance agent and start comparing quotes today. Your agent will ask you a few questions to find out what you need and then go over each quote with you in fine detail. Call today!

Georgia Auto Insurance Requirements

Each state requires auto insurance for vehicles and vehicle owners on its roads. Residents of Georgia must adhere to its minimum requirements to legally drive on the state’s road and to register their vehicle. At Wichalonis Insurance Agency serving Cumming, GA, we want you to understand the minimum requirements of our state and how we can help you fulfill them plus how adding other auto insurance types can help you better protect your finances.

In Georgia, the individual at fault for an accident must compensate those injured or whose personal property was damaged in a vehicular accident. Each driver must carry appropriate insurance to cover the compensation of their potential fault.

The state requires each driver to carry insurance for liability and property damage. The minimum required insurance includes:
–   Bodily injury/death coverage of $25,000 per person, 
–   Bodily injury/death coverage of $50,000 per accident, 
–   Property damage coverage of $25,000 per accident.

The reason you have two components to the bodily injury and death coverage is that more than one person may be injured in a single accident. The policy pays up to $25,000 per person, but it maxes out at $50,000 per accident. That means the insurance company only pays for $50,000 of medical costs and funeral costs even if your accident incurred $100,000 of medical bills for the others involved. If they take you to court, you need to pay the other $50,000 plus attorney fees and court costs if the court makes a judgment against you.

The insurance you carry, if you only carry the minimums required in Georgia, does not cover your injuries. Those come out of your pocket unless you add coverage. You would need personal injury protection (PIP) to cover your own medical costs. You would need collision coverage to compensate yourself for repairing or replacing your vehicle.

Contact Wichalonis Insurance Agency serving Cumming, GA for help obtaining the auto coverage you need to protect your automobile and yourself. Let us help insure you today.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Vehicle?

As your vehicle gets older, it may become less reliable due to age or wear and tear. Whether you’re single or have a family, it’s important to have a vehicle you can rely on for personal or business travels. If your older vehicle poses a greater risk of accidents or has constant breakdowns on the road, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model. The following questions compiled by Wichalonis Insurance Agency in Cumming, GA, can help you determine if it’s time to upgrade your car.

How Reliable is Your Vehicle?

You know it’s time for an upgrade when your vehicle requires constant maintenance or repairs to keep it running. If you’re investing hundreds of dollars’ worth of repairs into your car on a regular basis, it’s probably time to replace it with a newer model.

You should also consider the mileage you have on your vehicle and whether the repairs you make offer a permanent or temporary solution to the problems at hand. Temporary fix-it jobs can cost you more in the long run than replacing your older car. Your goal should be to have a safe, dependable vehicle you can rely on for your daily needs.

Does Your Car Still Meet Your Needs?

A change in lifestyle may prompt you to upgrade your vehicle to better suit your needs. If you’re planning to have children, you may want to replace your sports car with a family sedan. If you get a new job that requires more travel, you may want to upgrade to a safe, fuel-efficient vehicle you can count on for long-distance travel.

When upgrading your vehicle, don’t forget to factor in quality auto insurance coverage to protect you and your family on the road. For more information on auto insurance options and costs, contact Wichalonis Insurance Agency in Cumming, GA.

3 things you should know about auto insurance in Georgia

The fastest way to end up on the wrong side of the law in Cumming, GA is to drive while uninsured. The agents at Wichalonis Insurance Agency can help you stay out of trouble by helping you find the policy that is best for your lifestyle. Read on to learn more about auto insurance in Georgia.

1. Georgia requires drivers to have liability coverage

The state of Georgia requires all drivers to have a minimum of $25,000 bodily coverage per person and $50,000 per accident of the same. The state also requires drivers to have $25,000 in coverage for property damage.

2. You open yourself up to a lawsuit if you go without coverage

You run the risk of receiving a fine for driving without auto insurance if a Cumming, GA peace officer stops you and discovers that you do not have a valid policy. Additionally, you run the risk of having to defend yourself in court if you run into someone while being uninsured.

The state of Georgia is one of many states that has little mercy when it comes to auto insurance. State officials, as well as law enforcement strongly, believe that individuals who operate vehicles should be responsible in every sense of the word. You may be a cautious driver who stops at every red light and yields at all of the crosswalks. You, however, pose a threat to the well-being of individuals if you drive uninsured.

A person injured in an accident that is your fault may face financial loss or even ruin if he has to pay for damages that you caused because your insurance policy either expired or was never instated. It is best, then, to follow the law when it comes to auto insurance and only drives when you have the minimum coverage.

3. Minimum coverage may not be enough

Even with minimum coverage, though, you may find yourself on the defensive side of a court of law if the damages you cause in an accident exceed your policy’s limits. It is for this reason that drivers are advised to find the auto assurance plan that best fits their lifestyle.

The agents at Wichalonis Insurance Agency have been in the business of finding the right insurance plans for consumers for many years. Call them today to get started with a quote!