Do Sole Proprietors Need Commercial Insurance?

To most businesses, the question of whether or not to purchase a commercial insurance policy is a no-brainer. However, some business owners fall outside of the traditional business structures of their peers, who are more commonly looking into commercial insurance. Take, for example, sole proprietors. Sole proprietors are, aptly named, sole business owners and operators with no distinction between their personal assets and their business assets. Do sole proprietors in Cumming, GA need commercial insurance? Here’s the advice that we have to offer if you’re a sole proprietor looking into business coverage. 

Should a Sole Proprietor Get Commercial Insurance? Most Likely

The appeal of being a sole proprietor is that it often entails much less legwork to get the business up and running. However, without a business structure to ensure you’re not liable for damages or other issues, separate business accounts to defend your income, and other safeguards, sole proprietors like yourself also carry a great deal of risk. A good commercial insurance policy, whether it’s business insurance or commercial auto insurance, can help you defend your assets and protect you against various lawsuits or damages that you would otherwise have to face head-on without anything to fall back on. Even if you have decided that sole proprietorship is the best course of action for you at this point in time, going a little further and buying a commercial insurance policy will likely pay off in the future. 

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