Why the minimum motorcycle coverage may not be enough for you

Motorcycle insurance can be difficult to understand in Georgia. There are state-set policy minimums that may seem adequate, but it can be hard to tell exactly what policy levels are right for your needs. The team at Wichalonis Insurance Agency is here to help you take a look at all of your options and determine which option is the right fit for your needs. You may be surprised to learn that the state-mandated minimums are not always enough to give you the full protection that you need. If you are a motorcycle owner in the greater Cumming, GA area, call or stop by today to learn more about the motorcycle coverage options that are available to you.

Minimum policy amounts can leave you responsible for any shortfalls in coverage

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident you may be liable for damage to another vehicle or to someone’s property. There may also be medical expenses that are incurred by either you or your passenger and sometimes both. If your policy is for the minimum amounts as governed by the state, you could find yourself in a situation where your policy limits are reached pretty quickly. Unfortunately, once your policy coverage maximums are reached, you will then be personally responsible for any overages. This can cause great difficulty to you and your family, especially if you are also dealing with medical issues. Now is the time to ensure that your policy provides the coverage that you need.

Owning a motorcycle is a great joy, and there’s no better way to enjoy the natural beauty in the greater Cumming, GA area! If you want to learn more about the motorcycle policy options that are available to you, call or stop by Wichalonis Insurance Agency today.