The Umbrella for That Little Extra Coverage

Insurance for things like our homes and vehicles is often the first line of defense against catastrophic consequences and our buffer from devastating costs. When it comes to insurance, people who know, know. That is also why folks from in and around the Cumming, GA area turn to the friendly and professional team at the Wichalonis Insurance Agency for all their insurance needs. Including umbrella insurance for that little extra protection.

Get A Little More Under the Umbrella

In most typical cases, a standard home insurance or auto insurance policy, for example, offers enough coverage to handle the normal concerns. Basic coverage will generally suffice from that fender-bender in the parking lot to minor roof or siding damage caused by that last storm. 

The problem with accidents, storms, and the unexpected, however, is that you never know when those damages or costs are going to exceed your coverage limits. And unfortunately, events like accidents don’t follow scripts, averages, or expectations.

The good news is, with the addition of an umbrella insurance plan, you can be covered when accidents and costs go off script or fall outside the norms, as they often do. That is also why extra umbrella insurance must be obtained.

For All Your Coverage Needs

Does your home insurance cover all the what-ifs? Are there gaps or holes in your auto insurance coverage? If you live in or around the Cumming, GA area and have questions about your coverage and insurance plans, our experienced and professional team at the Wichalonis Insurance Agency can help. Contact us to learn more and get that little extra coverage you need and deserve under the umbrella today.