Three common misconceptions out there about condo insurance

It’s crucial to carry condo insurance to protect your property and possessions. Wichalonis Insurance Agency offers condo insurance policies to residents of Cumming, GA. 

You need to avoid believing in misconceptions about condo insurance that can make it, so you don’t get the coverage you need. The following are three common misconceptions out there about condo insurance. 

A standard condo insurance policy will cover water damage.

Condo insurance is similar to home insurance because it doesn’t usually cover flood or water damage. If you want to be covered for water damage in your condo, you’ll need to purchase add-on coverage or a separate flood insurance policy. 

Carrying condo insurance isn’t necessary if your condo community has its own insurance.

You still can benefit significantly from buying condo insurance even if your association already carries insurance. Condo owners need to realize that their condo association policy won’t provide all the coverage they need. 

A condo association insurance policy’s coverage is generally limited to common areas and the condominium building structure. These policies won’t provide coverage for a resident’s individual unit. You’ll need an individual condo insurance policy to enjoy this coverage. 

A condo insurance policy covers all your personal possessions within your condo.

There will be limits on how much coverage you get through your condo policy for your own personal possessions. You should ensure that your policy includes enough personal property coverage to cover the full value of your possessions in your condo. 

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