Does RV Insurance Still Cover Your Motor Home If You Use It As A Residence?

Instead of limiting themselves to owning a home and staying in one place, many people, especially retirees, have chosen to purchase motor homes and use them as their permanent residence. The nomadic lifestyle allows them to stay in one place as long as they like before moving on to their next adventure. The agents of Wichalonis Insurance Agency serve residents in Cumming, GA by helping them find the right type of RV insurance to meet their individual needs. 

Mandatory Coverage

Since motor homes are driven on the highways, they must carry mandatory insurance to cover your liability. Just like automobiles and other vehicles, motor homes must be covered by insurance as long as they can be driven on the roads. There are several types of RV options that you can purchase that will cover both your personal property as well as allow you to maintain the mandatory coverage required by law.

Your Permanent Residence

As your permanent residence, your motor home will hold your personal possessions. With the right RV insurance, you can protect your belongings as well as protect yourself from financial loss if someone visits you and is injured while they are in your motor home. 

RV insurance is a must-have if you plan on using your motor home as your permanent residence. The agents of Wichalonis Insurance Agency are available if you have any questions. If you live in the Cumming, GA area and are planning to purchase a motor home and use it as your permanent residence, call and talk to an agent at your earliest convenience. We will find the right RV policy for you!