What is full-timer’s insurance?

Instead of using it for short vacations, you need a full-timer’s policy when you reside in your motorhome. This enhanced coverage from Wichalonis Insurance Agency provides more liability coverage and increases personal property coverage. But, you also need to upgrade to full-timer’s insurance if you travel six months or more per year in your motorhome.

What does full-timer’s insurance do?

A full-time RV insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage with an increased liability component. The full-time policy covers the motorhome, personal property, and liability coverage. Whether you cause an accident or someone else does, your policy protects your finances by covering the repairs. Whether driving on the road or parked and plugged into a hookup in Cumming, GA, your full-time motorhome coverage offers financial protection.

Why does this policy offer enhanced liability coverage?

When you travel frequently in your motorhome or reside in it, you tend to entertain guests in it. The liability component increases to protect you better on the road and when parked to enjoy the view.

Ask About Loss of Use Coverage

Many motorhome policies let you add loss of use coverage. Ask us about adding this to your full-timer’s policy, so if your motorhome does undergo damage, your insurance pays for your hotel while it gets repaired.

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