Does Renters Insurance Cover Jewelry?

Renters insurance protects you and your personal belongings within your residence. Personal belongings include clothes, furniture, and jewelry. Each insurance policy contains a clause for the personal property should it be stolen or damaged by a covered event. Check your Cumming, GA renters insurance policy to confirm how much coverage your jewelry has, and then call the experts at Wichalonis Insurance Agency to learn more about covering your personal belongings. 

Jewelry Coverage

Renters insurance jewelry coverage differs a bit from that under a homeowners insurance policy. Jewelry coverage is limited to theft under a renters insurance policy. Renters insurance does not cover these items in the event of fire or storm damage. If the item gets stolen outside the home, coverage is less than being stolen from inside the residence. Additional coverage is available to cover expensive jewelry in your place. 

Increase Jewelry Coverage

Depending upon the jewelry you own, it might be beneficial to increase the renters insurance coverage and add endorsements for specific items. Renters insurance policies have coverage limits, but you can increase those limits by purchasing additional coverage. Coverage can be purchased for all of your jewelry or individual pieces, such as an engagement ring or family heirloom. If you need additional coverage for your jewelry, contact your insurance agent to discuss increasing your coverage. 

Jewelry Claims

Even with an enhanced policy to cover jewelry, your insurance coverage has limits on the claims you can make. Liability limits represent the maximum coverage available, and more personal property is limited between $20,000 and $100,000. Insurance policies also carry sub-limits for specific high-value items, such as jewelry. Check your policy for limits, including sub-limits. 

Ensure your jewelry is covered against any peril that may occur. Those in Cumming, GA, have options when buying renters insurance, including additional jewelry coverage. Call Wichalonis Insurance Agency today to discuss insurance options and how much coverage you have for your high-priced items.