How Does a Home Inventory Help with Filing a Home Insurance Claim?

At Wichalonis Insurance Agency, we encourage all Cumming, GA homeowners to create a home inventory to facilitate filing a claim in the event of a loss. A home inventory is an itemized list of all the items you own. If any of your goods are stolen or damaged in a covered peril, a home inventory will make it easier for you to recuperate your losses. Here’s how a home inventory can help with the claims process.

Verifies Ownership of Goods

A home inventory can verify ownership of your personal goods. It should include an itemized list of your goods along with photos (or video) and receipts of high-end items to confirm their value. You can also have appraisals done of posh jewelry or original artwork.  If you have to file a claim due to theft or damage, you’ll have verification of owning these goods. This can help expedite the claims process.

Verifies Value of Goods

By including receipts or appraisals of your high-end goods, you’ll have proof of their value to make it easier to recuperate your losses. This will ensure you get full compensation for your loss in accordance with your insurance coverage.

Helps You Keep Track of Your Possessions

Without an inventory, it can be difficult to keep track of all that you own. If your Cumming, GA home is destroyed by fire or severe storm, you could miss out on getting compensation for items you lost due to overlooking these goods when making your claim. A home inventory provides you with an accurate record of your goods so you can get fully compensated for all of your losses.

For help in making a home inventory or to purchase a home insurance policy for your Cumming, GA home, contact us at Wichalonis Insurance Agency today.