What does renters’ insurance cover?

Renting a home or apartment in Cumming, GA means you’ll need renters’ insurance. Most landlords require this type of insurance in the lease because it protects them from loss and lawsuits.

What your landlord’s policy covers

This blog from Wichalonis Insurance Agency explains what your renters’ insurance policy covers and your landlord’s home policy. Your landlord requires renters’ insurance in the lease because their homeowner’s insurance only covers their own liability and damage to the structure. Their liability coverage only extends to the public areas of the home.

That doesn’t mean an injured party might not sue the landlord if injured inside the home. That’s why the leases require the renters’ insurance of the lessee.

What does your renters’ policy cover?

Your renters’ policy covers the liability inside the home or apartment. If your visitor or business associate becomes involved in an accident while in the house, your policy covers the liability.

Your insurance policy covers your belongings if a named peril, such as a fire or tornado. Your landlord’s home policy only covers their furnishings or built-ins.

Your renters’ insurance also covers your need for a hotel room or other temporary accommodations when the home you rent incurs damage. Not all renters’ policies include this provision, but you can ensure that the one you obtain from Wichalonis Insurance Agency does.

We can also help you with add-ons to your policy that help protect the expensive items you own, such as the engagement ring you purchased for your soon-to-be spouse. Other add-ons include a rider for home-based businesses and hobbyist coverage that offers protection for costly hobby equipment like surfboards or cameras.

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